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Cocker Spaniel Dog Breed Information, Facts & Characteristics

Cocker Spaniel Dog Breed Personality, Facts & Traits

The Cocker spaniel (also known as an American cocker spaniel) is one of the most beautiful and lovable dog breeds in the world. With big dark eyes and expressions that will melt your heart, the cocker spaniel dog has become one of the best companions of humans. Cocker Spaniels are gentle, easygoing, yet lively. They can adapt to living anywhere as long as they are provided daily exercise.

People love to keep pets, but keeping a dog as a pet is exciting and fun. It becomes a part of your family as they can adjust easily. Dogs are the most adorable creatures living on earth.

About Cocker-Spaniel Breed

The size of a cocker spaniel is 14 – 15 inches. However, being loving and trustworthy, they can become a companion for your child and the elderly. It is an advantage to adopt a cocker spaniel at an early age. Because when you nurture them from the very first stage, cocker quickly adapts to the family and becomes one of the family’s notable and caring members.

However, your sweet canine friend needs special attention and care as they tend to get into serious health problems. Hence, it would be best to take proper care of your cocker, especially the diet. If  you’re a first time dog owner, you must make sure that you groom your puppy from the initial stages to become accustomed to it.

Cocker Spaniel Personality traits

The cocker spaniel’s personality is different and unique from the other breed of dogs. They need unconditional love and attention from the owner, so you need to take care of your cocker just like your family members.

Some of the cocker spaniel characteristics are the following:

Nervous Nature

Cocker spaniel dogs can be a bit nervous. Since it is always playful and loving, it becomes a bit skittish if you scold the puppy. It tends to squat in a place away from the eyes of the family members and will not come near until somebody lovingly gives a pat.

Caring for the family

The cocker has the nature to bark loudly. Since they care about the family, they will start barking at anything that it feels is out of the way. However, if you give an order, it will respond to it and make it a point to complete the task.

Fence your dog

It would be best to keep your favorite dog under your control when you are out on the street. It will chase and hunt small animals and dogs near its owners. Since the cocker is a part of the family, it tends to please its family members.

Soft nature

One of the sweetest features of a cocker dog is its soft personality. So if you are harsh on your favorite canine friend, it may become fearful. Hence, it would be best to be gentle with your dog, especially when giving training. Being very intelligent, you do not have to work hard to train your puppy as it can pick up instructions fast.

A part of the family member

The cocker spaniel always wants to take part in all the family events, and it is because they do not like to stay alone. Hence, whenever family members are sitting together, your cute puppy will eventually make its way to sit in the middle and become a center of attraction.

Some Amazing facts about Cocker Spaniel

There are two cocker spaniel breeding; The American cocker spaniel and the English cocker spaniel. There are some differences between the features, as the English cocker spaniel is taller and has a longer head than its American counterpart.

  • Cocker spaniels have a friendly and caring nature. In addition, they share unconditional love with family members. They love their owners more than themselves and will do everything to please them.
  • You need to be careful with your favorite puppy as the cocker spaniel loves dirt. The cocker spaniel will tend to roll itself and play with dirt when you take your eyes away from it. Therefore, it becomes necessary to bathe them every day.
  • The cocker has the habit of pleasing its family members. If your dog is trying to do something for you, you need to be patient. Follow the reaction of the dog when it ultimately finishes the task. The happiness that you will see in your dog is unimaginable. There is a flavor of pure innocence in the dog.
  • Cocker dogs are one of the best social animals. Because of its friendly nature, the dog can make many friends with humans and animals. 
  • You cannot treat a cocker dog as an outside dog. It tries to be a part of the family as it grows well with humans.
  • The cocker spaniel is one of the most sensitive dogs. It becomes afraid of anything that it feels uncomfortable. Hence, during these situations, they need your cuddling and care.
  • The canine friend of yours feels comfortable when they hear the voice of its owners. Likewise, they like to hear when you speak with them. It is also a part of the training procedure as these dogs can follow instructions.
  • Sometimes the dog likes to have some privacy of its own. Hence, it is better to give some space to your dog sometimes so that it can spend some time with its surroundings.
  • Try to give a treat in the form of some snacks for your canine friend. It will make the dog happy. Moreover, it will not forget and try to do a similar task again to gain a treat for itself.
  • Since the dog spends most of its time inside the four walls of the house, a walk outside for some time will be an enjoyable moment. If you make a habit of a short walk with your canine friend every day, you will notice that your dog will be ready for it at the same time every day.
  • The cocker spaniel loves to explore new things. Unfortunately, though it is good in some ways, sometimes it may be dangerous as it touches something that is not beneficial to the dog’s health.
  • The cocker is a great swimmer. You can train your cocker spaniel puppy in the initial stages in a small swimming pool. It will enjoy splashing itself with water.


One of the primary reasons to keep a cocker spaniel as a pet is that the cute dog can easily adjust to all the family members. They are adorable and a great friend for your kid. However, it would be best to keep a careful watch as the cocker spaniels are sensitive. One of the essential features of the cocker spaniel is that it can also get along well with other animals. It’s time to make an addition to your family by adopting super cute Cocker Spaniel breed. 


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